How to Remove Avast From Gmail?

Avast Antivirus has a variety of features from which one of them is the Mail Scanner feature. The Mail Scanner feature of Avast provides security for the incoming and outgoing emails, this feature also inserts an email signature into your outgoing emails, without your knowledge. Many people feel frustrated with the issue & end up … Read more

What is the avast URL blacklist and How to Manage it?

URL blacklisting is a safety measure process run by search engines as well as antivirus software applications to remove or blacklist a website URL from showing up on your browser. Keep in mind, URL blacklisting just doesn’t remove any website. It eliminates the site that has a potential threat of malware or is already malicious. … Read more

How to Turn Off Or Disable Avast Antivirus

Are you stuck on a website not refreshing? Your Avast anti-virus is blocking the site you want to use? The simple solution for this problem is to disable or turn off the anti-virus. Anti-virus always blocks unusual activities due to security purposes. If that activity is essential to you or you want to use it … Read more

Fix avast secure browser won’t open on startup

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How to cancel avast 60 day trial ?

Avast antivirus security offers you one of the best security features you can ask for to protect your computer or laptop against security threats, including dangerous malware and virus attacks. Many of the security systems you can install might not let you have all the excellent quality features, for all of their free trials. Sometimes … Read more

How to Add avast exception?

Is your Avast Antivirus producing false positive reports? Are you unable to browse files and websites that are safe? Are you looking for ways to add files, folders, URLs, sites to an exclusion list? If yes, then you are in the right place. Avast Antivirus software is probably the best antivirus software out there, but … Read more

Does avast slow down your computer?

We know that Avast is one of the most used and trusted Antivirus around the globe. But, did you know that Avast can generate issues that can affect your system? Yes, you heard just right! Using Avast antivirus can surely have some drawbacks. you can anytime block avast notification & pop-ups. Avast antivirus can slow … Read more

How to setup Avast whitelist & exceptions?

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How to Fix avast update helper error 1316

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