How to Unblock Games Blocked By Avast Antivirus?

Hi there while enjoying your precious favorite games sometimes you face issues where your own antivirus software is blocking access to the games or specific property of the games. these problems mostly happen with online games however sometimes it can be said for offline games too. Today we help you unblock the games being blocked … Read more

How To Fix Avast Error 42125?

Avast 42125 error is one of the most common errors that occurs while installing the Avast program. When this error occurs, your system starts to free and your keyboard and mouse will be less responsive. There are many reasons for which this error might occur when installing the program. The reasons for which this error … Read more

How to use avast offline installer?

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How to Remove Avast From Gmail?

Avast Antivirus has a variety of features from which one of them is the Mail Scanner feature. The Mail Scanner feature of Avast provides security for the incoming and outgoing emails, this feature also inserts an email signature into your outgoing emails, without your knowledge. Many people feel frustrated with the issue & end up … Read more

What is the avast URL blacklist and How to Manage it?

URL blacklisting is a safety measure process run by search engines as well as antivirus software applications to remove or blacklist a website URL from showing up on your browser. Keep in mind, URL blacklisting just doesn’t remove any website. It eliminates the site that has a potential threat of malware or is already malicious. … Read more

How to Turn Off Or Disable Avast Antivirus

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Fix avast secure browser won’t open on startup

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How to cancel avast 60 day trial ?

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